This course is a history survey course covering the time period from creation through the Middle Ages.  We will also discuss the modern era and how the ancient civilizations influenced our present day culture.  The units studied include: the First Earth (Creation through the Flood), Mesopotamia (Sumerians and Old Babylonians), the emergence of civilizations, Egypt, Canaan (Hittites, Phoenicians, Lydians, Syrians, and Hebrews), Persia, Greece, the Roman Republic, the Roman Empire and Christianity, Byzantine Empire and Infidel (Islam), European Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Reformation and Modern Era.  The student studies the World History through the use of films, map studies, lectures, textbook readings, primary sources, discussion groups, role playing, group projects, debates and supplemental readings.

Students will "tour" the world in a condensed study of the world's geography examining both physical and cultural characteristics to better appreciate their own context as well as the many varied contexts that are unfamiliar to them.

Students will gain a basic understanding of the purpose of government through a study of biblical principles, the history of government, and current news items to better fulfill their responsibilities as American citizens.